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Private Preferred Offers Unprecedented Savings

We take the dollars that you are currently spending and we

s-t-r-e-t-c-h them.  Your organization will be able to instantly track your savings while still purchasing the products and services you know and trust.


Moreover, we subscribe to industry standards incorporating procurement best practices throughout our company. You can be confident of professional service and support in every transaction with Private Preferred.  

Increasing Your Buying Power

Private Preferred places the power of increased saving in your hands.  Joining Private Preferred enables your school, club, or non-profit to move from a party of one to a party of many with the concurrent benefits of volume purchasing.


We target similar institutions which purchase similar items.  This process leverages your buying power and creates synergy.  The benefits to the whole are greater than can be achieved by the individual parts going it alone!

          You -Don't  PAY

Until You SAVE!

The Best Guarantee
Our outstanding guarantee is unrivaled.   It is very simple. If we do not perform, you do not have to pay our fee. 


The typical Consortium expects you to perform first by paying large up-front fees.  At Private Preferred we are confident that our pricing will surpass your current plan and are willing to stake our reputation on it.

Our top-notch procurement specialists will earn their fees. 


Using our procurement and sourcing program means a risk-free experience for your school, corporation or non-profit organization.