Private Preferred, Inc. provides purchasing services for schools, other non-profit organizations, and small to mid size corporations.  By leveraging our clients' combined purchasing power, we enable them to improve productivity while saving significant amounts of time and money.


You want and deserve an advocate in the purchasing process who will focus on your organization's unique needs. Private Preferred, Inc. fills that role.  We streamline the purchasing process, competitively shop the marketplace, and supply desired goods and services at prices our clients simply could not obtain as individual purchasers.


Private Preferred, Inc. has relationships with suppliers in a wide variety of industries and is adding more on a consistent basis. Our goal is to provide synergistic purchasing to our clients for an increasing variety of goods and services to cover virtually all of their purchasing needs.


Our research indicates that outsourcing the purchasing of goods and services can increase productivity by up to 60 percent.  By using Private Preferred, Inc. for your purchasing needs, you enable principals, business managers, and other employees who currently engage in purchasing activities to focus their time and efforts on other productive activities. 


At Private Preferred, Inc., our goal is to tangibly increase your success, productivity, and financial performance.  Put Private Preferred, Inc. to work for you and your bottom line today.

Building Bridges, Leveraging Synergy