Private Preferred offers a diverse range of products to its members.   If your school needs books, uniforms, computers, or computer desks, contact us now we have what you want.


Our goal at Private Preferred is to provide our members with pricing that they cannot achieve on their own.  With Private Preferred, you have access to thousands of products from office furniture, event planning items, office supplies, janitorial supplies, computers, athletic equipment, promotional items, uniforms and more.  The list goes on and on!

" Promotional Materials, custom pens, bags, lanyards and badges"

Private Preferred has DIRECT relationships with the manufacturers and distributors of the products you seek and is continually adding to its list of vendors.  If we do not carry the product which you want please give us a call and talk with us for custom orders and products.


Private Preferred establishes relationships with manufacturers that stand behind their products.  We look for manufacturers that are well respected and are able to provide our clients with superb products and service during and after each sale. 


Private Preferred is in the business of helping all of our clients because we believe in BUILDING BRIDGES AND LEVERAGING SYNERGY.  


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Private Preferred Leveraging Synergy

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