Frequently Asked Questions


    Below are questions we frequently receive about purchasing and procurement, procurement specialists, bulk purchasing, school procurement, and more.  If your

    question does not appear below or it is not satisfactorily answered,  please contact us.


1.   What is a procurement specialist?

  A procurement specialist is someone who has influential power in a company's purchasing, vendor contract negotiations, and the implementation of money-saving programs related to purchasing.  The right procurement specialist can help your company or school save thousands of dollars each year. 


2.   How can a procurement specialist save me time and money?

Since a procurement specialist has the expertise to find, secure, and negotiate purchases, the time spent by your personnel can be spent doing what helps to make the organization more profitable.  In essence, using a purchasing and procurement specialist can help increase efficiency and decrease your opperating costs.   


3.   What are the advantages of using Private Preferred for procurement services?

With over a decade of purchasing and procurement experience, Private Preferred�s procurement specialists have established solid relationships with vendors and suppliers all across the country.  This translates into greater savings through faster service and lower costs.   


4.   Are your procurement services only for school purchases?

No.  Any organization can join as a member.  Private Preferred works with schools, non-profits, and corporations alike.  Learn more....

5.   Can I work with Private Preferred on just one specific project?

Yes.  We will work with your school or organization on a single procurement project without any obligation on your end to make a long-term commitment.


6.   Can I continue to purchase products the same way I did before my school or company started with Private Preferred?

At Private Preferred, our objectives do not include disturbing reliable systems currently in place.  Your existing vendors will become an additional resource from which we will try to obtain better prices for merchandise; likewise, you will be introduced to new vendors who can offer better prices and faster shipments. 


7.   What types of merchandise can Private Preferred obtain for my school or company?

You can procure products through Private Preferred in a wide variety of areas including:

  •   Office Supplies
  •   Books
  •   Furniture
  •      Uniforms
  •      Software 
  •   Hardware
  •   And more

8.   Can Private Preferred help me purchase products for personal use?

As Private Preferred is a B2B organization, all purchases and procurement services are for schools, corporations, and non-profit organizations.


9.   Will Private Preferred negotiate with general contractors on my company or school's behalf?

Yes.  For industries in which we have prior experience, our skilled negotiators will work with your general contractors, successfully procuring lower-priced services on your behalf.


10.           Since I am using a procurement service, how are the following items handled:

a.   Warranties?  Your warranties are offered at the vendor level, directly from the manufacturer.  As a B2B procurement company, Private Preferred helps prevent Internet grey-market goods from making its way to your doorstep.    

b.   Returns? Returns are handled using rules that are established by each vendor.  The individual return polices of each vendor will be available to you before any purchases are made.


11.            For how long have you been providing purchasing and procurement services?

Since 1996, our procurement specialists have been involved in purchasing and procurement for several organizations. Learn more about our company and its mission.


12.           Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes.  We do not accept any fees until twice the fee amount has been saved by our clients!


13.           Do I have to become a Private Preferred member to use your services?

Yes.  Our unique procurement services are designed for organizations interested in serious time and monetary savings. Joining is easy and rewarding!

14.           Does Private Preferred pursue bids?


No.  Private Preferred is not a bid contractor but a direct procurement specialist for businesses and educational institutions.  


15.           What is the duration of a Private Preferred membership?

Membership agreements are on a yearly, renewable basis, measured from date of joining and contingent on compliance with Membership Agreement terms and conditions.


16.           Do I have to sign a contract? 

Yes.  The Membership Agreement protects all parties involved by outlining the terms of the relationship upfront, so there are no surprises when it comes to costs and conditions.


17.           If so, are there any termination fees?

No.  There are no termination fees involved with your membership.  Once the agreement is terminated, all of the benefits associated with Private Preferred membership will cease.


18.            How do I begin using your procurement services?

    Joining Private Preferred is as simple as calling (770) 833-0655 or filling out our online membership form:  Join Now! 


If you have any questions about Private Preferred, bulk purchasing, procurement services, school purchases, or need additional information, please contact us.